Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy (early) Earth Day :)

I haven't been feeling super green lately (maybe it's the 100 mile roundtrip commute I make four times a week- at least my car is fuel efficient!), but reflecting on some of the beautiful places I've been in the last year sure helped my outlook and love for old Mother Earth! It's nice to remember how many beautiful places there are, and how much effect (good and bad) we can have on them. Enjoy!

evidence of man enjoying God's creations, Grand Teton, WY

Monsoon in Cataract Canyon, UT

Pines in Monashee, BC, Canada

Columbines near Silver Lake/Ajax Peak, Telluride, CO

Tanner Flats, Grand Canyon, AZ

Wildflowers, Liberty Bell Bowl, Telluride, CO

Heavenly cloud and the North Rim, Mile 160-ish, Grand Canyon, AZ

Frozen trees, Grand Targhee, WY

Confluence of Little Colorado River, Grand Canyon, AZ

Not-so-wild-flowers, Kirtland, OH

6 AM rainbow, Rapid 5, Cataract Canyon, UT
Niagara Falls, Canada

White Rim, UT

Mount McKenzie, Revelstoke, BC, Canada

Battle Creek Falls, Pleasant Grove, UT


  1. These are beautiful!!! Too bad you hate the earth so much that you keep driving down to 'that place'

  2. I was too offended of your picture change to read any of your post. But your a real great photographer.

    okay, fine, I skimmed through the words but I am still pretty mad.

  3. Obviously you've never been to Hebgen or those are the only pictures you would have on your blog :) Love you. Miss you.

  4. I LIKE your new portrait...and the photos of our beautiful planet!